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How To Identify A Zombie

Posted in What is a Zombie? on May 22, 2010 by randomonium

It really isn’t hard to identify a zombie.  First, they probably, either have eyes rolled back into their heads, or no eyes at all!  Second,  a zombie most likely has some or no skin at all that is all decaying.  Their internal organs would be showing along with bones and tremendous amounts of blood.  Ripped clothes and cuts also put a zombie together.  Last, they walk not with their hands out like in some movies, but they dangle to the side, you know, if they have arms or hands.  Now, I hope that you know know ow to identify a zombie, because it really isn’t hard.



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Zombies are the dead coming back to life about half way.  Their skin is gone and internal organs are showing.  They feast on living, human and sometimes other animal flesh.  Most zombie sightings are around island a while back.  For more on zombies go to What is a zombie under categories.